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TOPIC: Redosing?

Redosing? 2 years 3 months ago #8936

  • mikeylz24
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Well guys today I received my kratom, took about 3 teaspoons of maeng da ! Wasn't too bad, def felt euphoria, is it okay to redose? its been about 4 hours since my first dose.
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Re: Redosing? 2 years 3 months ago #8951

  • Angel7
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Hi mikey
So, sorry for asking but I dont recall what it is you are using it for and dont have time to go read all your posts - lol. are you dealing with pain issues or what?
Generally most kratom lasts anywhere from 4-7 hours. In my experience at least 5-6 hours. Keeping this in mind you probably want to take care not to start out OVER using it. NOT THAT ITll make you sick or anything because its basically impossible to o/d on it BUT, IF you are planning to utilize it regularly and long term you dont want to promote tolerance issues too quickly.
Again - remind us why you are using it so we can give you better advice so I dont write a bunch of stuff that doesn't even apply to your situation!!
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Re: Redosing? 2 years 3 months ago #8954

  • mikeylz24
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Well angel, I am using it mainly as a substitute to get off of opiates. Not so much for pain issues or anything like that. Also I suffer from depression and anxiety as well, Took 3 teaspoons of maeng da, later that night about 6 hours later I was starting to feel nauseas. Also the effects were subtle, but none the less I was pleased.
I have 5 other strains to try out and im looking for somethn on the sedative side. Thanks for fast reply!!
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Re: Redosing? 2 years 3 months ago #8964

  • Ray Dolor
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If you re-dose on the same day, try another strain. If you have taken Thai, try Red vein Borneo. Dosing several times a day can greatly increase the likelihood of developing a tolerance issue........alternating strains in dosing is thought by some do decrease the tolerance build up.

Taking a day off, or more, will also help a lot.
So will certain supplements that are thought to 'potentiate' kratom by various means.

One that
i have discovered recently and that seems to be working with me, is a bodybuilding supplement known as Agmatine. I recently wanted to re-dose on a particularly long work day, and took a capsule of Agmatine in preparation of taking another smallish dose of kratom after about 45 minutes.
Before then, the Agmatine alone seemed to re-potentiate the kratom dosage that I had taken 6 hours previously. I was actually pleasantly surprised.

I ended up not having to ingest any more kratom at all that day.
You can call me Ray.
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Redosing? 2 years 1 month ago #10684

Thing with kratom is if you take too much you either throw up or just feel ill and have to lie down. Or like, you won't poop until you stop taking it. It's hard to really take too much, but gauge yourself, your heart rate. If you feel fine and you'd like another dose it should be alright.
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Redosing? 2 years 1 month ago #10697

  • rocker1990
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Redosing for me doesn't really make it much better especially if its been less than 4 to 5 hours.i do it anyways though
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